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04:30 pm: Me, V6.6.09863
Yeah, I'm late with the annual Gebürtstages note by a few weeks. Time just seems to ooze away these days without my noticing.

Anyway, yet another year has passed and I have learned very little, other than the obvious: that getting older does NOT guarantee any increase in wisdom. Only in aches and creaking of joints. But to paraphrase Descartes, "I creak, therefore I (still) am!" I may be sore after I get out and putter around in the yard, but I have learned to be grateful for being able to do so, and for the beauty of nature and the pleasures of a blue sky and a warm day for my creaky old bones.

And I have family to care about and be cared about by, and silly things like auto-sports and crossword puzzles to keep me busy and still thinking. So thanks, Boss, for all that is right in my world. Ya dun good with it all, it's just that Your design seems more intelligent than we humans who inhabit Your good Earth.

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